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v6.10 for web and v3.0 for mobile
October 12, 2022

Because you deserve it! New updates are here! v6.10 for web and v3.0 for mobile are now available!

We are not joking with this one! LionEight is proud to announce that our team has worked really hard in the previous period. We have...
August 30, 2022

New features are here: update v6.8 is live! 

Great news incoming! As always, LionEight is working hard to assure a smooth user experience. Our latest update was created with the idea to...
Most Common HOS Violations
August 15, 2022

3 Most Common HOS Violations and How to Prevent Them

According to CRS reports, up to 20% of bus and large truck crashes in the U.S. happen due to drivers being tired while driving. The Hours of...
June 9, 2022

4 Most Common Roadside Violations and How to Prevent Them

  Roadside inspections can often be daunting or annoying to a majority of truckers. Violations found during the checks can bring a lot of...
June 1, 2022

Update v6.3 is live

New updates are here! In addition to the brand-new mobile app we’re particularly excited about, we’ve included route details, GPS and...
April 11, 2022

Advanced, user-friendly ELD solutions: New updates are here!

LionEight continues to develop and enhance our ELD software to help trucking teams stay compliant and organized. We’re excited to...
February 24, 2022

What should you know about IFTA?

Everyone in the trucking industry has heard about IFTA. It makes certain processes easier and saves everyone a great deal of time and...
February 10, 2022

Be unbeatable on the road: New updates to boost your fleet productivity and drivers safety

We are delighted to introduce a new version of ELD Rider – 4.0.0. Lioneight is bringing you some exciting updates that will increase...