Driver Safety

Making sure that your drivers are safe while operating
vehicles is important.

HOS and safety

We keep track on the hours of service, so there are no drivers working more than the regulations allow. This maximises safety on the road and prevents driving while tired and unfocused.

Safety is our priority

Lion8 has all the needed solutions to achieve maximum safety. We know that you care as well, and that is why we created a perfect feature for you.

Monitor safety from your office

You will have all the information about hours of service for each driver, from your office, on your com-puter with Lion8 solutions, no matter how many companies you run.

If drivers are safe, your business will run smoothly

If you don’t have to worry about the safety of your drivers, you can focus on your business and create a great work environment.

Safe drivers have better performance

If your drivers are safe, they will have better performance, so with Lion8 solutions, you will see your fleet grow faster.

Over Speeding Threshold Alerts

With Lion8 features, you can be ahead of the speeding problem. Any speed limit breach will trigger the alert and you will be notified.

Alerts to help you manage
your fleet

If any one of your drivers exceeds the 11 Hour Driving Limit, a 14 Hour Shift Limit or a 70
Hour Cycle Limit, or doesn’t take his 30 minutes break when required, you will know.

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