ELD Disconnects

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ELD Disconnections are a real issue in fleet management

Making sure that everything is fine while you have all the data and the ELD is connected is not an issue, but what to do if ELD disconnects? Lion8 has a solution!

Maintaining has to be punctual

The trucks need to be checked regularly and maintained and we recognised the need to uniform all of these information and have them in one place for you.

We understand your needs

Here at Lion8, we managed to ensure that you will know when is your maintenance due fro each vehi-cle, and you will be able to prevent them from breaking down.

Safety needs to be your priority

Your drivers will be safer as well if the vehicles are checked regularly.

Know when your trucks need to be checked

Once you check your maintenance schedules, you will be able to see what are the parts of your vehicles that need to be checked.

Check the upcoming check by vehicle ID

What’s most important of all, you will have an ability to choose the vehicle ID and check all the upcom-ing maintenance needs of each vehicle.

More than 13 vehicle parts to check

You can get the maintenance information when it comes to more than 13 different vehicle parts and that is why you won’t miss any of them.

Different check types

They refer to Oil Change, Brakes, Engine, Filters and other vehicle parts that need regular maintenance.

Keep only the maintenance

With Vehicle maintenance feature, you can even choose to delete certain scheduled maintenance. You will have a full control over this part of your business as well.

We have a perfect
tool for your needs

Having a fleet of fully functional trucks truly depends on your ability
to keep the track of all the vehicle maintenance schedules. We
have created a perfect tool for that.