Never miss important information with advanced alerting.

Instant insight into fleet performance

With our advanced alerting system, it was never easier to manage fleet performance and increase operational efficiency. Create custom alerts and never miss important information regarding driver behavior and vehicle operations.

All important alerts sent immediately

You will be instantly notified of all important events directly through the app, via email or SMS.
Choose from more than 15 alert types which will help you identify an active fault code or reported defect, a driver that is in HOS violation, a vehicle entering a  Geofence area, scheduled maintenance due date proximity and many more.

Adjust alert settings to your needs

In just a few clicks, you can create a new alert and customize it to fit your fleet’s needs. The alert type can be applied to the whole fleet or you can choose to receive the alert only for particular assets and drivers. In that way you will not be overwhelmed with irrelevant information.

add alert, lioneight app

Cut down on resolution time

Personalize each alert type and choose when the alert should be triggered. Start the resolution process immediately when you receive an alert to increase driver’s safety, maintain vehicle health or notify a customer of approaching delivery.

Use advance alert system to increase operational efficiency

With the customized alert system, you will stay on top of fleet performance and gain complete insight into drivers’ behaviour and vehicle health.


What kind of alert types can I create?

You can currently create more than 15 alert types including Geofence Entrance, Scheduled Maintenance, Vehicle Faults, Nearing & In HOS violation, DVIR Defects, Log Edits by Driver,.. We are looking forward to introducing several new alert types with the next software version update.

Can I choose the alert recipients?

Absolutely. You decide who should be the recipient of each alert: fleet manager or external recipient.
Choose if you want to receive notifications via Email, SMS or in the app.

Is there a way to set an alert only for the specific drivers?

For each alert type, you can choose which drivers, vehicles or trailers the alert will apply to. This means that, for example, you can set a Near HOS violation alert only for some company drivers and receive an alert only when they are nearing HOS violation.
In that way you can stay focused only on the important issues you want to keep track of.

When will I receive the alert that I have a scheduled maintenance?

You can receive an alert on the day of scheduled maintenance, several days before it or when the odometer reaches the chosen value.
Simply set how long before the due date you want to be reminded of scheduled maintenance.