Dispatch Board

Be on top of load delivery.

Keeping up with the loads is simple now

LionEight helps you to track loads smarter.
Manage truck routes faster by getting instant notification from the driver’s mobile when he is on the pickup or done with the delivery. Track the vehicle and load status to be sure that the delivery will be on time.

Better document organization

During the pickup or the delivery, the driver can attach documents and photos to validate his work.
The fleet can view and download submitted files instantly from the Dispatch Board.

white and blue trucks one next to the other

Reduce costs and save time

Make the right decisions based on powerful data-driven insights and manage your loads smartly to decrease operational costs that impact your business.

Delivery without delay

With our smart calculation system, you will get information about potential late delivery based on the current vehicle’s location for each load.

All load information
you need

Get all information about your load in one place. Check out the Broker Load number, vehicle location, current Load Status and Route Status.
To make sure that the vehicle is available for the upcoming load, see the Vehicle Status directly from the Dispatch Board. Get instant location and time information for every pickup and delivery stop.

Track route
progress on click

LionEight uses a smart system which calculates the current location and speed as well as the distance to the final destination. This feature, route status, helps the fleet to monitor if the driver is expected to arrive on delivery on time and to inform customers about any possibility of a delay.

Keep an eye on
the load status

Boost your fleet efficiency. We know that it is important to see vehicle and load statuses in one place in order to contact brokers or drivers anytime you need. Now the fleet can monitor real-time movement, idling or stop status of a vehicle and track whether the driver checks the pickup or delivery.

Perform quicker
with mobile

Communication between the driver and dispatcher was never easier. The driver gets an instant notification about the new load when the dispatcher creates it in the web application. It is simple to fill in all the required information and upload the documents to the mobile application with one click. The fleet gets the updated information on the web app within a minute.

Get started with our complete fleet management solution.

Complete Dispatch solution helps you to adapt to unexpected situations on the go.
You can increase operational efficiency and improve communications with a real-time load tracking system.

How to use

Dispatch Create Load

Dispatch Upcoming Loads


Can I create a route with multiple stops?

Yes, you can create a route with as many stops as you want which will help you with route optimization.

How will I check if the delivery will be on time?

By keeping track of the current Route Status where you will see the estimated time to the next route stop. Estimated time is then compared to the time when the driver must be at the pickup or delivery and shown directly on the Dispatch Board.

Can I send a live share link for the load to the third party?

Yes, you can create a live share link for the Load from the Dispatch Board and then share it with the broker or anyone you want.
Live Share link will include pickup and delivery information, ETAs and if you choose to share, also driver’s paperwork and phone number.

Where can I see the time when the driver checked-in on pickup or delivery?

At each stop, the driver checks in and indicates pickup or delivery time directly from his device. All the information is immediately visible on the web so the Dispatchers can see for how long the driver was at the pickup or delivery.