ELD Unplugs

Be aware when your device is unplugged from vehicle.

Get notified when driver unplugs the ELD device from the vehicle

Making sure that everything is fine while the device is properly connected is not an issue, but what happens when a driver unplugs the ELD device?
With LionEight solution, you will be immediately aware of the vehicles where the device is disconnected. Check out the last known driver and location on (of) the vehicle directly from the Dashboard.

Check the distance traveled during disconnection

Check out the time, location and odometer at the moment when the ELD device was unplugged and at the moment when the ELD device was reconnected to the vehicle. We will calculate the total distance traveled during the time when ELD was unplugged.

Keep a report for total unplugged events per vehicle

Get a report of all unplugged events for all vehicles in one place. Select the date range and get the information about the total unplugged distance.
The Unplugged Events report may be useful when calculating IFTA fuel tax reports.

Stay on top of each
ELD unplugged event

With our solution, you will be aware of duration and miles each time when driver unplugs the device from the vehicle.


What happens with my data while the ELD device is unplugged?

If your driver unplugs the ELD device, it will be recorded. You will be aware that the device isn’t currently connected to the vehicle.
After the ELD device is connected again, an Unplugged event will be created where you’ll see the total distance traveled during the time when the ELD device was unplugged.

Can I see the total distance traveled during the time when ELD was unplugged?

Yes. You can see the total miles traveled and odometer after the driver reconnects to the vehicle.

Will I see the information on the driver’s log if there were any ELD unplugged events?

Yes, just open the Driver’s Daily Log to see if and when was ELD unplugged from which vehicle.

Is there any way to keep track of the vehicle's location while ELD is unplugged?

You can see the last known location at the moment when the device was unplugged.
The only way to keep track of a vehicle’s location is if you are using our GPS device from where data is fetched.