Effective location tracking with instant alerts.

LionEight keeps an eye on your vehicles

Get instant notifications and SMS every time your driver enters a specific location or truck spends more time in the specified area on the map.
Your fleet can monitor this from the Dashboard and our Geofence tab.

Easy delivery

Preparation for the delivery is easier with this feature. Fleet can track when your vehicle is nearing a customer and get in touch with the broker. Customers can also track and get notified when the driver is approaching the final destination.

Be aware of every truck’s location

Make geofence around places which vehicles should not enter and get alerts every time it is nearby. This feature helps your fleet to monitor activities of your drivers more productively.

Get instant alerts

Fleet managers can increase their efficiency with our instant notifications. You can choose to get notified via SMS, email or in the app every time a vehicle enters or exits a specific location.

Different types for different scenarios

Choose the type of geofence that meets your requirements and get notifications when the next shipment arrives or when the truck is in the restricted location. You can always be ready with our geofence tracking and notification system.

How to choose the location?

Geofence is an effective and easy-to-use feature.
All you need to do is to search your location on our map. You can search by Address, City, State or you can just choose a yard.

Choose geofence which fulfills your standards

Once you pick your location, you can choose a geofence shape – a circle, rectangle, or polygon. With our significant feature with real-time alerts, you will be informed instantly when the truck enters and exits the defined area which can help with loads significantly.

Notifications for all
the scenarios

The most important feature of our Geofence is that you can get
notification from every scenario that you choose! You won’t have to
think about truck locations anymore!


What can I draw a geofence around?

You just pick a location on the map and draw any shape you like around it. That will be your geofence area.

What kind of geofence type can I choose?

Basic Geofence, Restricted area, Yard, Weigh Station or Risk Zone are just some of the Geofence categories you can pick.

Will I be alerted when vehicles enter the geofence area?

Yes, you can receive alerts both when a vehicle enters or exits the chosen geofence area.