Logs Manager

Easily managed driver’s compliance.

Improve HOS visibility

With our easy-to-use logs manager, you will review the driver’s logs and get information about all driving events for the driver’s vehicle. Have a complete overview of all driver and vehicle activities to ensure compliance with HOS rules.

Check location history

Directly from the Logs, fleet managers can easily check all vehicle movements for every day with the Location History line. Click to get the exact location and speed at each moment. Here you can easily monitor if there were any ELD unplugged events on the driver’s log or any refueling events.

Monitor team drivers

Below the driver’s logs, you will also be able to see all driving events that are not yet assigned to the driver. This comes useful in case of team drivers or any Unidentified Driving events on the vehicle.

Detailed logs information

Monitor all driver’s duty statuses and log edits in one view. You will have updated information about engine hours, odometer, location and notes for each status. Get a detailed view of certification events, power up activities and intermediate events recorded every two minutes while the vehicle is in motion.

More compliant drivers

Monitoring of driver’s compliance was never easier. You can find out if the driver has filled all required information such as Trailer number and Shipping documents and if he has certified the logs.
The compliance managers can easily suggest log edits and send a pending request to the driver within a minute.

Grow your company faster with more productive fleets

It is simple to track all updated information in one place. LionEight is all you need to run your business better and have compliant drivers.

How to use

Edit Driver's Logs


How often is location data recorded from an ELD device?

Location data is recorded every two minutes.

Location data is displayed below the driver’s log, but the driver’s status wasn’t driving during that time. How is this possible?

In this case, the driver was probably not connected to the mobile device or has lost internet, but the vehicle was in motion.
You will see the Unidentified Driving event on the driver’s log and be able to assign the driving event to the driver.

Where can I check if my driver has entered trailer and shipping documents?

Check for possible Form & Manner Errors directly from Driver’s Daily Log and remind your driver’s to enter the missing trailer and shipping documents and to certify logs, if they haven’t already.