Maintenance Schedule

Keep your truck in the top condition.

Take control of your vehicle health

Improve the efficiency and productivity of your maintenance processes with our intelligent schedule. Create a schedule once and get notified every time your vehicle needs repair.

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Reduce repair costs

The costs of maintaining vehicles are pretty high nowadays. But unplanned repairs are more expensive. Our feature helps to track costs and plan every schedule your truck needs.

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Increase vehicle uptime

Smaller trucks are more likely to lead to vehicle damages. With our smart schedule, you will maximize the time your truck spends on the road.

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Optimize paperwork

Forget about lots of tables with repairing maintenance and frequency. In our app, all vehicle schedules are in one place. Choose one vehicle or more.

Stay on top of your maintenance

Once you create a schedule, you can set notifications and be aware of every maintenance your vehicle should have. Go to the Maintenance tab, set a vehicle, choose the maintenance type from more than 10 options and set the frequency you want: days, miles or engine hours. In addition, for each vehicle you can set the last service date so your maintenance management will be easier.

Check upcoming events with the intelligent schedule

We point up the most urgent maintenance which you should do in the near future. At the top of the column, there are overdue maintenance dates regardless of the selected measurements. They are highlighted in red so you will not miss them.

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Get service on-time

With our instant alerts, you will not forget  to do your maintenance. Choose the type of notification you want to get: in-app, email or SMS.

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Choose the type you need

We take care of all maintenance details. Our schedule covers all types of maintenance you need: from Engine and Oil Change to License and Lease Expiry.

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Maintenance history

Optimize scheduling for yourself. With one click your fleet can resolve upcoming maintenance or skip it, so that you will not have to delete it.

We have a perfect
tool for your needs

Having fleet of fully functional trucks truly depends on your ability
to keep the track of all the vehicle maintenance schedules. We
have created a perfect tool for that.

How to use

Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Upcoming


How will I be aware of the upcoming schedules?

You can set a customized alert and determine when you want to be notified of the upcoming schedule.
You can also check the Upcoming table and see the Schedules with the closest Due date on the top.

Can I choose maintenance frequency by vehicle’s odometer?

Choose a maintenance frequency in a way that suits you: in days, miles or engine hours.

How is the next service calculated?

Next Service is calculated as Last Service plus Maintenance Frequency. For example, if you have chosen a maintenance frequency every 1000 miles, and the last service was performed when the vehicle’s odometer was 550 000 miles, the next service will then be when the vehicle’s odometer reaches 551 000 miles. If there is no Last Service information, the Next Service will be calculated based on the current odometer (or current date or engine hours).

Will I see the history of all performed maintenance schedules?

When you resolve a schedule, you will be able to enter the necessary information such as maintenance costs,
vehicle’s odometer or additional notes. You will find this data in the “Maintenance History” section.