Multi-company account

All companies in one click.

United users in one place

Now you do not have to worry about where the information is. LionEight allows you to track all your drivers from many companies at any time. Five, ten, twenty companies… Add as many as you need.

Save your time

It is simple to switch from one user to another.
We created this feature to disburden you, so that you can have more time to spend on your business instead of signing in many user accounts.

All drivers in one place

Multi-company account is the perfect solution for you if you want to have information about every driver in one place. We store loads, logs, reports, location history… Everything you need!

Smart filtering

You do not have to remember all the information.
Just create a smart filter in order to choose the data you need at any time.

Check all companies or one of them

You can choose one company and check drivers and fleets or you can check data about every company you have.


Choose a specific group

Use both company and group smart filtering systems to track your data. Choose our feature ”Groups” to monitor specific drivers, vehicles or even trailers from different companies in one place.

Know every detail about your drivers anytime and anywhere

Just create one multi-company user and filter the drivers from different companies. Track active drivers, drivers with violations and GPS reports.

All the information on click without stress.

With our multi-companies feature your fleet will work in a more efficient and more organized manner. LionEight provides all the information you need in one place.


Can I have 10 companies in one account?

There is no limitation in the number of companies you can have in one account.

Does it cost extra to have multiple companies in one account?

No, multiple-companies feature is included in the basic LionEight solution.

Can I add drivers & vehicles from different companies to groups?

Yes you can by using our “Groups” feature. Add drivers, vehicles and trailers from different companies in separate groups to monitor them.

How will I know which company vehicles belong to?

We added a Company Name column in each report to make it easier for you to track which company asset or driver belongs to.