Smart Dashboard

Real-time data in one place.

Work smarter, not harder

Fleet and Safety management present all the information they need in one window.
Prevent violation quicker with widgets and increase customer loyalty by sending links to the live share with shipping information. Boost driver productivity by tracking statuses and cycles and deliver faster by monitoring traffic jams in real-time.

Monitor every vehicle

All important vehicle information is in one place: vehicle and driver duty status, current location and speed, last ELD sync or possible vehicle fault code. On the top of the Dashboard list, you can see the vehicles where there is an Unidentified Driving in progress and where the ELD device is unplugged, so your fleet can contact the driver immediately.

Prevent HOS violation

In the Dashboard Drivers list, you will see the remaining HOS clock until the next break, recap information and in case of team drivers, you will see which driver is currently driving. Pay attention to the last sync information and check if the driver is properly connected to the ELD. Drivers who are currently in HOS violation or are nearing a violation are displayed at the top which enables you to call them directly from the Dashboard.

Increase productivity

Our widgets help the fleet to be more productive and track all driver and vehicle unwanted behavior in the last 8 days in one tab. Get notified of HOS violation events on time. Be certain if the vehicle has Unidentified Driving Events and which DVIR defects have been reported. View the Form and Manner errors widget to see if drivers have entered trailer and shipping docs and certified logs.

All in one map

All of your assets are shown in one map.
Check out if the vehicle or trailer has an ELD or GPS device assigned, the real time location, speed and status. See all the currently driving drivers and be aware of the vehicle and driver status for the whole fleet.

dashboard map

With the customizable Dashboard map you can choose the style you like the most: satellite, roadmap or terrain. Use the companies and groups check-box to filter only the specific assets and drivers you want to monitor. You can find the nearest Weigh stations, CATScale, Pilot & Flying J or Love’s stations on the Dashboard map and see the real time fuel prices.

Also available in
dark theme

Complete visibility
through one view

With the Smart Dashboard, you will be on top of all vehicle, trailer and driver activities in real-time. Improve drivers’ compliance, prevent HOS violations and ensure that assets are on the right route.

How to use





Is there a way to keep track of Unidentified Driving in progress?

If the vehicle is in motion, but the driver isn’t identified you will immediately see Unidentified Driving vehicle status sorted at the top of the Dashboard list. You can also see the last identified driver that was driving the vehicle and call him directly from the app.

Can I track potential HOS violations from Dashboard?

Drivers that are currently in violation are shown at the top of the Drivers list on Dashboard. You are able to see remaining Break, Drive, Shift, Cycle and Recap hours directly from the Dashboard and contact drivers if they are about to or already have violated HOS regulations.

My vehicle is running out of fuel, how can I find the nearest gas stations from the current location?

Check out where the nearest Pilot & Flying J or Love’s stations are with real time fuel prices directly from the Dashboard map.

Is it possible to track assets with ELD and GPS devices in one map?

Yes, all vehicles and trailers are all shown in one Dashboard map, regardless of the assigned device.

How far back can I view location history for my vehicles?

You are able to see all vehicle and trailer activity for the last six months.