Unidentified Driving in Progress

Catch and solve violations with less effort.

eld rider, showing multiple notifications

Increase your driver’s safety

Fleet managers can now spot Unidentified Driving while in progress. As soon as there is a vehicle in motion but no driver connected to the ELD, you will see these vehicles on the top of the Dashboard list so you never miss an Unidentified Driving event.

mobile showing warning no internet access

Get in touch with the driver on time

You are also able to see the last driver connected to the vehicle where there is Unidentified Driving in Progress and make an instant call directly from the app. Check whether the driver has forgotten to connect to ELD, has lost internet or has other connection issues.

unidentified driving, app

Unidentified driving widget

Get an immediate overview of all Unidentified Driving events for the previous 8 days. Check out the Dashboard Widget to see the number of Unidentified Driving events per vehicle and the last connected drivers. Be up to date and make data-driven decisions to reduce Unidentified Driving events in the future.

Catch unidentified driving while in progress

According to FMCSA rules, drivers must declare every driving status they have.
Our feature helps fleets to track every Unidentified Driving while it is in progress and get in touch with the drivers on time.


I see that the vehicle is in Unidentified Driving status, but there is a driver displayed. What does this mean?

The driver you see is the last driver connected to the vehicle in Unidentified Driving status. Contact the last known driver to check why there is Unidentified Driving in progress and to inform him to connect to the device properly.

How will I be alerted that there is an Unidentified Driving in progress?

The vehicles in motion where no driver is identified will be shown at the top of the Vehicles list on the Dashboard.
In that way you will never miss an Unidentified Driving in progress and be able to react immediately.

Once the driver is properly connected, what will happen with Unidentified Driving time?

Unidentified Driving event will be created which you can then assign to the driver.
You will also see if there was any Unidentified Driving for the vehicle directly from Driver’s Daily log.