Vehicle Inspection

Safe vehicle. Safe driving.

Keep an eye on inspections

LionEight allows you to fill out FMCSA required Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) electronically.
The driver creates DVIR on mobile and the fleet can monitor what defects the asset has and pay attention to uploaded photos on the web application.
Resolve problems on time and be sure the vehicle is safe.

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Take care of vehicle health

Vehicle inspection helps fleets to spot any vehicle or trailer related defects and be certain about good asset condition. The driver can then make deliveries without any concerns.

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Increase compliance with FMCSA rules

Per FMCSA regulations, drivers must fill out DVIR on a daily basis. The fleet can find out whether the driver has done a vehicle inspection on time or if the DVIR report is missing. You will receive an instant alert if the driver has reported DVIR with a defect(s)

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Lower operating costs

Eliminate paperwork and prevent clerical errors.
Now the fleet can simply resolve the vehicle inspection with all required fields, monitor which defects should be fixed and which defects have already been fixed.

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Fill out DVIR on click

Our mobile application is user-friendly, so that drivers can easily check if there is any defect, write comments or upload photos within a minute.
With the template for the pre-trip and post-trip inspections, drivers can easily mark the defect and generate a DVIR report.

Reduce risk of compliance violations

Once a driver fills in the DVIR, the fleet will get instant information about the vehicle or trailer defects.
In this way, the fleet manager will ensure the drivers are compliant and, when necessary, schedule a mechanic on time.

Track defect status

Monitor defect statuses for every asset.
Get a complete visibility of vehicle condition and find out if there are some defects which require a mechanical examination. Once the defects are fixed, the fleet can simply change the status and mark the defects as corrected.

Keep driver safe with a vehicle inspection

The fleet will monitor if there is any defect that needs to be fixed and will schedule maintenance on time. Stay on top of your vehicle health. Save time with paperless DVIR and focus on growing your business.


What information can I find in a Driver Vehicle Inspection report?

DVIR report is easily generated for the day and the driver you choose. You will find information about report type (Pre-Trip, Post-Trip) and odometer and engine hours recorded at the moment when DVIR was performed. Most importantly, check if there was any Vehicle or Trailer defect reported and if yes, was the defect corrected.

Can a driver take a photo of a vehicle defect through the application?

Driver is obligated to take a photo of the defect during the Pre-Trip or Post-Trip inspection.
Photos can be taken directly from the application and sent to the web for the preview.

Will I be alerted when the driver reports a DVIR with a defect?

If the driver’s reports that the vehicle or trailer contains a defect during the Pre-Trip or Post-Trip inspection, an instant alert will be created that you can choose to receive in app, via Email or via SMS.